Rogers and Brown House Attraction

Enjoy Historical Attractions in Ipswich, MA

When you’re looking for a trip to the past, visit the historical attractions in Ipswich, MA. A stay at Rogers and Brown House B&B will allow you to have a look around “America’s First Period Town,” with more than 60 homes remaining built from 1625-1725. Believe it or not, these houses are residencies, blending in with The Whipple House and Alexander Knight House museums.

If you’re curious about what activities you can do in Ipswich, we recommend visiting the Ipswich Visitor Center. You’ll learn all about the restaurants, shopping, and events happening in the area. The Hall Haskell Visitor Center has maps, shopping guides, and brochures to get your adventure started on the right foot! Lastly, you can visit Ipswich Museum for exhibits and ancestry information.


Summer Fun: Crane Beach, Water Sports, and 3 Golf Courses.

  • Crane Beach – 5 miles of dunes and beachfront, spectacular expanse of white sand, soothing surf, and scurrying shorebirds. It is rated in the top 10 best family beaches in the world by National Geographic.
  • Music and Culture – Castle Hill Concerts, Ipswich Museum Exhibits.
  • Art Galleries – Olde Ipswich Shop & Gallery.
  • Antique Shopping -We are known for our great Antique Shops with many options available.
  • Canoe Rentals – Enjoy a canoe ride on the Ipswich River. Contact Foote Brothers.
  • Breweries– We have an option for everyone; check out one of our five unique breweries.
  • Nature Attraction – Wolf Hollow.

Fall - Spectacular foliage, a lovely river, farms, and "The Great Marsh."

  • Farms – Visit the Russell Orchards, Marini Farms, and Appleton Farm, the USA’s oldest farm.

Winter Play - October to May, horses ride and dogs play on Crane's Beach.

  • Outdoor Fun – Enjoy ice skating, snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing, and hiking.